Wyoming Mobile Yoga

Jen started Wyoming Mobile Yoga in 2013 as she noticed a need for the underserved and rural areas of Wyoming to have access to yoga and developed a traveling model.

In 2016, Jen moved to Colorado–be sure to check back as she develops ways to bring this life changing tool to the rural southwestern corner of Colorado.

Mission Statement

The mission of Wyoming Mobile Yoga is to promote and provide physical and emotional healing for the underserved communities of the state of Wyoming through yoga and meditation practices. The goal is to use yoga as outreach to serve at-risk youth, underserved socio-economic groups of individuals, recovering addicts, survivors of abuse, the recently incarcerated, inmates, and the elderly.


Vision Statement

Wyoming Mobile Yoga is a collective process of physical, emotional, and spiritual practices that address new frontiers of healing, recovery, personal expansion, and systemic change. The components lead to greater well-being, ease and peace, happiness, stress reduction, and healthy life choices. The program cultivates a balance in everything and promotes the enhancement of the mind-body connection, breath, and meditation to inspire self-efficacy and self-restoration.

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