Peak Pilates®

Jen has been taught by professionals trained in Peak Pilates® schooling and certification.   She anticipates seeking certification herself in the near future.  Please click here to check them out.

Our Core Beliefs
At Peak Pilates®, we believe in the power of inspiration. We owe our existence to the personal power and transformative benefits to the movement practices of Joseph Pilates. Our singular mission is to pass that inspiration on to you, our community of students and instructors.

We are dedicated to preserving and promoting the timeless work of Joseph Pilates through the meticulous, first-class design of every program and piece of equipment we produce. We strive to ensure that everything we do is imbued with the qualities at the heart of our company: Beauty, Tradition, Mindfulness.

Beauty. Pilates by its very nature is a supremely elegant physical practice. At Peak Pilates, we work tirelessly to do justice to that elegance by creating equipment, programming and instructional material that is intuitive, sophisticated and refined.

Tradition. Our roots are in the ethos and discipline created by Joseph Pilates. We seek to honor and preserve that tradition, while also embracing innovations in style and technology that can further promote the practice we love.

Mindfulness. Pilates is a centering, strength-building practice, and at Peak Pilates, we reflect those qualities through a conscious approach to both our equipment and practitioners. We seek to build a focused mind-body awareness in both our students and instructors through the practice of classical Pilates. If we succeed in our mission, each person that encounters Peak Pilates should walk away stronger, healthier and more at peace with themselves and with the world we share.