townie livin’

I went to play volleyball at South Park last night and had a good time. I paused between serving and digging to look at the sky and thought to myself how grateful I am for my small town where I always know where to find my people. Small towns have this way of bringing folks together because there isn’t enough people to be too picky. I start to crawl out of my introvert shell because this is way better than sinking into the brush oak of my mind. I make jokes and slip into my Midwest accent and “gosh” my way through games played to twenty five. Socializing such a wonder in my life I blog about it.

I’ve tried to integrate into small town life in all the small ways. Talk about the bears getting in our trash. Trash pick up days. The traffic on highway 160. The washed out county road 600 with Texas wheelchairs (ATV’s) strapped to the back. I’ve made friends with some local guides and levered a trip with a fly fishing guide who will take some kiddos on what I know will be epic trips. I learn about gardening and environmentalism from locals. High altitude gardening and so-and-so’s really successful tomato planting. I didn’t realize how good this little place would be for my heart until I feel it open up while watching a blue and white volleyball pop into the sky.

I use the four finger wave at least once a day as I watch the family up the hill walk down my drive and the blue van swing around the curve. I nod to the chief of police and smile as I remember part of my fishing grant is “Fish With an Officer” and hope this helps our at-risk youth because the process has certainly helped me. Sometimes I look at for sale signs on pieces of land and wonder if I will make a 20 year go here like my last community. Small town training in Wyoming has helped me to play 6 degrees of separation–usually it only take about 2 once we figure out what towns we grew up in. It’s becoming that way here where I’m familiar with most places in the San Luis Valley and western slope.

I’m trailrunning, biking, tubing, rafting, skiing, team-sporting–none of them well but my neck is out there and I don’t feel I’ll be chopped but grow tall in my own tan skin getting some pretty awesome Chaco tan lines and weird shapes on my shoulders where I wear my favorite sports bra everyday. I’ve become much more minimal wearing only essential oil and hand washing my clothes. I tool around in my $500 truck getting stuck about once a month learning to make friends through folly. Why I’m here is no longer important cuz the vinegar to my baking soda has stopped fizzing and now its time to scour the sides of my heart.

“The key in small towns is to just be you. Everything else seems to fall into place. Unless you’re a fucking piece of shit. Then your fucked and may as well sexually asphyxiate yourself.”
-Jesse Banks