day fourteen and fifteen-3 healthy habits/where i will be in 5 years

The first prompt is three healthy habits.  It’s been strange how I’ve come to healthy habits because they get more locked in and consistent when I’m under the ideal level of stress.  On days that I’m on point I usually do three things that I love(ish) and I feel keep me well in the holistic sense—my mind, body, and spirit are nourished by these activities.

The first is yoga.  I sometimes practice at home but I find being guided through a practice can push me to do poses I avoid because I’m not proficient.  So, every morning at six I attend hot yoga and I have some strange habits.  I’ve taken to removing my glasses so I can’t really see myself and for whatever reason when I can’t see things as clearly I appear a bit smaller to myself which can help with some dysmorphic tendencies.  I’ve also gotten to know my body well enough to know when I can modify poses to fit my shape a little better. Yoga will always be a healthy habit.  Its something I can do anywhere, even with my eyes closed.

A second habit I try to practice most days is running.  I’ve tried to pin down why I run and what it does for me and it boils down to a moving meditation practice and adventure.  I’m not fast and I love the trails because they meet both these needs.  The breath becomes rhythmic like soft wings of a butterfly and I like to run the same trail to notice the subtle difference between weeks in summer when transition is fast and beautiful.  I also enjoy that feeling of positive anxiety when I wonder if I might be a bit lost.  I like being forced to trust the process and navigation.

A third, less consistent, habit is Crossfit.  I have a love/hate relationship with Crossfit because it shows me aspects of my personality that often need highlighted but this is at the cost of highlighting some less adaptive traits of mine.  I like that I can watch myself improve and use determination under duress but the constant soreness and dread of the next workout can overwhelm my system.  I do enjoy some fast movements, however, and lifting weights is always good for the body if nothing else but aesthetically.

The other prompt asks where I see myself in five years.  This prompt reminded me of the ideal job.  Right now, I’m not quite sure.  I was interested in a PhD, but the thought of going back to school horrifies me although I do want to look into the academic affairs side of higher education.  But, then, I remember why I got my masters which was to work with children and adolescents.  So, right now, I’m in survival mode.  Maybe I’ll be a director of an educational program providing opportunities for marginalized folks.  Maybe I’ll be a school counselor. Maybe I’ll be in law school.  I’m open to all possibilities!