day eight and nine-five current goals/whats in my bag

I’m not very consistent with this challenge but I find lately that keeping interest in something for long has become challenging–and here lies my work! I’ve got a lot of goals but I don’t necessarily write them down.

I find that things will unfold as they need to and setting a strong intention is more powerful than tangible goals because then you are open to all possibilities.

But in the spirit of the challenge, here goes:

  1. to find some contentment in my career
  2. to run at least three ultramarathon distances this summer, ain’t gotta be races
  3. to become pilates and yoga certified and proficient
  4. to become satisfied with my body and become stronger
  5. to learn how to backpack, and visit new places

Those are what I’m feeling right now in this very moment but they seem to capture what I work on day in and day out (notice no blogging in there).

Topic two is about whats in my bag/purse and I really don’t carry these items.  I have a bag I tote to and from work but at any given time I find the things most helpful are my little yoga notebook and my yoga mat.  They are always with me and always in my car.

This entry isn’t full of vibrant or vivid writing but hopefully gives the sense of where I am and where I am headed.  No matter what’s in my bag or where I am going I am in charge of creating

“what it is…is a place where I can return to myself. It’s enough of a scramble to get to…that the energy expended is significant, and it translates into a change in my body chemistry and my psychological chemistry and my heart chemistry…” 

Jay Salter