day seven-your five favorite songs


  1. Sublime–Pool Shark:

“Tying on the dinosaur tonight
It used to be so cool
Now I’ve got the needle
I can shake but I can’t breathe

Take it away but I want more and more
One day I’m gonna lose the war”

 So, Sublime would be my desert island top pick.  I literally feel as if they glimpsed into my (former) life and made lyrics about how it feels to be white trash, poor, addicted, and yet still in love with life.  I would listen to this song when I was really into needles and I felt I would lose the war.  Bradley Nowell did.  (the lead singer) This band has special significance both for what they sing, the style they sing it in, and how they still found joy in making music despite life’s struggles.

  1. Ugly Casanove—Barnacles:

“i don’t really need to see
so i don’t need to see so i’ll paint
i don’t know, i’ll paint it black
i don’t need to see
i don’t see how you see out of your window
i don’t need to see, i’ll paint mine black
i don’t know me and you don’t know you
so we fit so good together
cos i knew you like i knew myself”

I’ve seen Modest Mouse twice but I always felt that I connected better with the earlier, more lyrically charged Ugly Casanova.  This song is significant to me for the lyrics.  To me, it’s about choosing to not see the shitty parts of someone and letting codependency drive a relationship.  I’ve been in many and I’ve not been able to let go.  I could feel myself drowning but I didn’t know how to save anyone, much less myself.

  1. The Decemberists—Don’t Carry It All:

“And nobody, nobody knows
Let the yoke fall from our shoulders
Don’t carry it all, don’t carry it all
We are all our hands and holders
Beneath this bold and brilliant sun
And this I swear to all, and this I swear to all”

I’ve also seen the Decemberists twice and I friggin love these guys.  I love all their music but this is my favorite lately.  I love to harmonize with each song and I love that each song is a story and they paint a picture of 19th century Washington—harbors, whales, women dying in childbirth—these guys are true storytellers and so much fun to see live.

  1. Allison Krauss—Down to the River to Pray:

“As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that good ol’ way
And who shall wear the starry crown?
Good Lord show me the way”

I wrote my Dad’s obituary.  I picked out the box in which he was cremated.  I chose the songs that would play at his funeral. This was one. They played it as we walked into the memorial.  I’ll never forget that day.  We grew up very religious and I love harmonies and hymns.  He loved Allison Krauss (and Union Station) and would have us listen to her and Nanci Griffith in the background on PBS.

  1. MXPX—Move to Bremerton

“Drop out of school and run away
Quit your job, you got a place to stay
Pack your bags and hitch a ride
Bremerton’s a good place to reside”

This was the first song I listened to over and over again and felt real bad ass and punk.  Really, it was one of the few Christian bands that had made it somewhat in the secular world so I was really glad to listen to them and feel somewhat like a normal teenager.  I doubt I would have dropped out of school but I would have gone to Bremerton for a boy.  Any boy.