Archetypes, Yoga

day four-my dream job

The prompt for today’s blog is my dream job.  I found myself thinking of what brings me the most joy—what challenges yet engages me.  I think my dream jobs could not be just one job.  My dream job would be seasonal work.

In the summer I would live on a ranch, and if we are thinking idealistically, it would be in Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Alaska, or Canada.  I would teach yoga and Pilates and lead hikes and trail runs.  I would get to know the stories of the area, the geography of the land, the patterns of the weather, the flora, fauna, all the details of the place.  I love to tell stories, I love engaging folks I’ve never met.  I love to show people the beauty of their bodies and the beauty of nature.

In the winter, I would continue to teach yoga and write.  I would work on my blog and brush up on my writing to hone in on the art of non-fiction—perhaps write my memoirs.  I would teach creative writing at the local community college and volunteer in local corrections facilities still teaching creative writing so others could find healing through their own narrative.

I would also make it my job to let my job flow and become deliberate.  I would be careful to keep things at a steady pace and to match my efforts with the flow of the place.  In winter, I would naturally slow down a bit.  In summer I would stay awake with the sun. Really, my ideal job is one that brings me closer to myself, closer to the earth, and closer to spirituality.  And, in the unfolding of this process I can help others to do the same.

May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.

-Edward Abbey