Expansion meditation


It may be no secret to you that physical sensations are accompanied by psychological impressions, and psychological sensations are accompanied by physical impressions. You may also be aware that actuating specific sensations can be done for the purpose of bringing out their associated feelings, or thought; which means to say is, we all know we smile when we are happy(form follow function), but did you know that smiling for no reason can lead to spontaneous feelings of happiness or wellbeing(function follows form)?

Form Follows Function, Function Follows Forms

This is what is elucidated by the popular idea, “function follows form” or the celebrated Hermetic principal, “As above, so below” also often “As within, so without.” The implications of this are that the function of something will naturally make itself apparent with the expression of its form, and vice versa. Again, this can be shown with spontaneous smiling and…

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