self and other

My rib broke.  Close enough to my heart.  Pain sharp and recurring during menial tasks…turning the steering wheel…like violent lightning in my side.  Getting out of bed like Seppuku.  Throbbing rib, broken heart and 40 stickers at the doctor for my responsible lifestyle choices pushing body where mind won’t go…mind like rib and crippled, stifled, diseased by your rhetoric.   Rib encompassing lungs breathing  divine wind in/out/expand/collapse like the mental cycle reflecting all the bullshit and kamikaze mission of your ego.  You took me for one wild mind-fuck. Never shame.  Death before dishonor.  No atom bomb yet still leaking radiation—the poison of your arson.  Inverted surprise attacks losing the essence continuing over time smoldering my psyche taking me down with every shot. The low blows, sound of metal, casing on the ground in small places and never expected and always reminding me of you.

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