human unearthings

I’m back!  I tried to import all the old blog entries because I forgot the other password.  One month at a time.  Looking through old entries is like cathartic trauma!  What to say, what to write.  Life seems fuzzy, in a standstill, like reading a book with a flashlight under thick blankets with fibers glowing like snakes on the fringes.  Old meets new and I continue to augment, add, stay busy to avoid.  I run around so I don’t have to slow down and think about what’s going one.  Isolatory tendencies in my family start to surface and I see my grandma in my mother’s face and see myself in my sister as we avoid and isolate in bouts of depression.  It doesn’t bother me now though, I don’t mind being alone, and I’ve got so much to do it doesn’t seem to matter anymore.  Where I still together with someone, still connected, what would have been, where would growth have taken me?  My growth now is outward, upward, muscles growing, strength increasing, Wyoming Mobile Yoga expanding far beyond myself in art shows and services to hospitals, jails, schools, people.  People who are so important.  I find myself talking to another human and enjoying her presence so much.  We are all wonderfully flawed, all hopelessly blemished.  And it is truly beautiful. 


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